Variant 10168/23B

By June 18, 2015Blog

Making a tasty, refreshing, revitalising thirst quencher is actually harder than it sounds.

When our delicious recipe was first invented, Antonio Vacarra didn’t have technology like we do today. In fact, the recipe was once hand written on a piece of paper, and would be followed meticulously to make sure it was right every time. Without the aid of science, Antonio boiled and blended his drink on a hob in his kitchen. This was okay for a home solution after a long night but, the team behind Overhang are perfectionists – so “okay” wasn’t good enough.

The first step was to re-create the recipe in the same way the family had for all those years before. After turning their kitchen into what looked like a scene from Breaking Bad,

Steve & Will created the delicious drink, carefully poured it into a container and put it in the chiller ready to be taken to the experts. Overhang to Steve & Will was perfect but needed a little extra something to tie it all together. The Father-Son duo approached a long established food & beverage lab and after many months of creating flavour variations, adding and subtracting certain botanicals and altering the balance between the constituents, on the 5th December 2014, Variant 10168/23B made its debut and unanimously voted as favourite.

So why Variant 10168/23B? Simple. To us and all who tried it, it had the perfect flavour balance. Mouth watering orange and lime at the very first sip, balanced by a passive but fiery after taste of ginger at the back of the throat. It was light, refreshing and felt natural unlike certain energy drinks.

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