The Power Of Music

By June 24, 2015Blog

Music influences how you feel. If you’ve ever sat there feeling sorry for yourself, whats the first thing you do? Listen to James Blunt of course. Well maybe not the first thing but he certainly features somewhere on your list. Similarly, what do you do in preparation for a massive night out? Listen to an epic playlist of all your favourite songs to get you in the mood.

The point is, no matter how you feel, music plays an important part in helping you deal with whatever is going on in your life. This is why the Overhang team have created a Soundcloud page to put together all sorts of playlists and mixes to accompany your delicious drink .


[soundcloud id=’116629185′ format=’set’]


We created this  particular playlist to help you transition from feeling your worst to being back on top again. It has been said that ambience is good for clearing the mind and keeping the brain engaged at a subconscious level, so naturally we’ve put together a downtempo, chill-out playlist to help do just that.

From now on, you can expect to find playlists and mixes just like this on our Soundcloud page, as well as some high octane power mixes for your pre drinks or house parties. No matter how you might be feeling we hope there’s something on there for everyone and if there isn’t, simply head over to The Lounge  . Here, you can submit your suggestions for a song we should feature as part of  one of our playlists, giving you the chance to win some of our exclusive apparel.

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