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By August 16, 2015Blog

We just spent the weekend at Kendal Calling in Cumbria and wow was it fun. Propellers playing their first festival of 2015 and despite being moderately tired, they absolutely smashed it. To be fair, everything ran rather smoothly, but we definitely picked up on some tips we will be sure to remember;

Take a coat

Yes, obvious right? What sort of idiot forgets a coat?  We were fortunate enough that friends brought extra clothing with them so we pinched a couple of extra layers off them but to be honest, not bringing a coat was a right ball ache. Wiping mud off your jumper nearly two weeks after the event just goes to show preparation is key. Don’t comp out because you want to save 6 inches of space not bringing one.

Stock up on Potassium

When Charlie, the bassist of Propellers, pulled out a bag of bananas on Sunday morning and started offering them out we were slightly confused and couldn’t tell if this was some weird practical joke. Who brings bananas to a festival? Although we found this absolutely hilarious, watching a 6ft 6 man in his boxers holding a bag of a bananas, he actually was spot on with his purchase. Alcohol makes you pee a lot, and that means that not only do you get dehydrated, you drain a lot of important nutrients, chief among them potassium. University researcher George Mason wrote “In addition to the liquid expelled during frequent urination, certain salts and potassium – required for proper nerve and muscle function – are also lost.” Along with drinking fluids, eating Potassium in the morning of your hellish hangover can ease the symptoms and help you crack on with the rest of your weekend. If bananas aren’t your thing sweet potatoes, yoghurt, fish, milk and orange juice are all Potassium enriched products too. 

Wellies are a must

Don’t even bother looking at the weather report before you pack shoes. We’re telling you now, whether it states rain or shine, there will be mud. And probably a lot of it. We managed to bring a lot of this mud home, all over our favourite clothes actually but most of it was caked on the welly boots. My word were they a saviour and with a thick pair of welly socks the usual discomfort of wearing wellies vanished. Don’t let your feet be too tight inside though, that’s how you start to rub and sweat. Gross.

Sholleys are back

That’s a lie, sholleys are not back and it’s far from acceptable to use one outside a festival if you haven’t got a bus pass from the Government yet. However, sholleys are a god send from above when it comes to camping. Not only do they have wheels (not great in mud admittedly) but you can cram so much stuff in those bad boys. You can pick them up cheap as chips in charity shops and it’ll save you that long walk with your hands full and a backpack on.

Be minimalistic

Lie out everything you want to take with you for 3 nights away from home on your floor. Take away 2/3 of it and put it back. You can forget it if you think you’re going to have the time, ability or space to pamper yourself much at a festival. Dry shampoo, baby wipes, deodorant and maybe some spot cream will do that job just fine. Plus that shower when you get home Monday night will feel like you’ve stepped into actual heaven. Don’t worry, you’ll be smooth as a baby’s butt again in no time.

Disposable cameras

We’re taking you back to the 90’s with this one. Seeing as your phone WILL tun out of battery conserve some of it by using disposable cameras for your pictures. It’s also not the end of the world if you drop it in mud! We’ll tell you for free, that’ll be the longest hour you ever have waiting in suspense for the pictures to be printed but you’ll definitely have some giggles/tears once they’re done.

Be sensible

Boring right? Two people died this weekend at Kendal Calling and 5 hospitalised after taking some dodgy drugs. It’s nearly guaranteed that there will be drugs floating around for sale at any festival but it’s down to you to make sure you have an epic weekend whilst staying out of A&E. Not to mention the horrendous side affects if it goes wrong. Don’t do something silly you’ll later regret, have a great time and come home in the car you travelled in, not an ambulance.

Few last things..

Drink Overhang. Be safe. Have fun. Make Memories.

Over. (hang).

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