Overhang Hits the High Street

By December 7, 2015Blog

We know we’ve been quiet on the ‘news front’ as of late, but there’s a good reason for it.

With Christmas just round the corner and an almost guaranteed instance of an over-indulged colleague or family member doing something stupid, December can prove a ‘fruitful’ month for telling tales of joy and sorrow, especially with ‘work dos’ occurring practically every day throughout the month. For the first time ever, we can confidently say gone are the days of dragging your lifeless corpse around your local high street in search of relief (from last night’s antics). Gone are the days where Overhang is only available online.

We’re proud to announce our first major retail partner Holland & Barrett will have Overhang seen in stores nationally, available from this week (week commencing 7th December).

Launching on promotion as part of the ‘Buy one get one half price’ deal, you’d be mad not to take advantage of the offer! Let us know what you think and whether Overhang has helped you in a time of crisis by leaving a comment below or a review on the Holland & Barrett website.

Merry Christmas

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