A few interesting Overhang facts

By August 2, 2015Blog
Overhang drinks

Overhang is aware with facts and secrets. Hit play on this awesome mix by CWG/Overhang and read through 11 facts we bet you were not aware of.

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  • Ginger, one of our main ingredients, is believed to be a natural way to boost your love life as it contains aphrodisiac properties…quite literally getting you get back on top! #getbackontop
  • A ripe lime is yellow in colour not green.
  • The colour Orange is named after the fruit, not the other way round.
  • You will see on our bottles ‘La Superba e L’originale’ it means the superb and the original. But ‘La Superba’ is also the nickname for Genoa where our Italian family came from.
  • Overhang contains 100% of your daily vitamin C.
  • Our revitalising beverage is bottled at one of the most high tech bottling plants in the world. Originally made and bottled at home, it’s now expertly recreated by industry leading experts, using the advanced autonomous capabilities of what can only be described as terminator style robots!
  • Overhang is vigorously quality checked during production and, for the following seven days. This ensures it reaches you in perfect condition .
  • If you look carefully at our bottles, you will find many subtle links to our Genoese past….see how many you can find and let us know.
  • The patron Saint of Genoa is saint George and the Genoese flag is a red cross on a white background….sound familiar?
  • Limes used to be used as a remedy for scurvy.


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